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To understand Abacus, let’s first talk about the Mental Maths or Mental Calculation technique. Mental calculation is a process of performing mathematical calculations without the help of any accessories like calculator, pen, pencil, paper etc. The calculations are done using a combined process including active listening, information storage and processing with rational application of mathematical functions to solve the problem and then reproduce the solution correctly.

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Why Proactive Abacus

Young kids effectively learn numerical calculations as well as mental Maths techniques through Abacus. Using the Abacus helps the children in maths by the visualization instead of simple routine learning. Proactive Abacus offers an exclusive course in line with the school calculating systems. Proactive offers interesting learning methods and different games for children to enhance their learning experience.

Our training methods make learning fun-filled ensuring that each and every student enjoys the experience in small batches getting personal attention.
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There's no limit to what your Child can do.

With Proactive Abacus learning, the children improve their logical thinking, analyzing and memorizing things besides a strong observation power. This happens using numerous techniques to train the brain. To boost their confidence and motivation levels, Abacus competitions are conducted at different levels during the regular intervals.

15000+ Students Enrolled
500+ Active Center
20+ Competitions

Full Brain Development Program with Active Fun and Learn Environment.


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