Why Proactive Abacus
  • We at Proactive believe that performance evaluation is an essential part of any learning process. Hence Proactive Abacus training course is divided in 8 short modules to be learnt in part time by devoting just about 2 hours per week for the Abacus class. At the end of every module, evaluation test is conducted to ascertain improvement in qualities like accuracy, speed, analytical capability,photographic memory and recall.

  • Besides the mathematical operations, students are trained in speed writing as well as activities of active listening which sharpens their minds, improves concentration and helps them in their senior classes and competitive exams in future.

  • Proactive monitors the student progress through constant evaluation, methodical progress card, oral tests along with exciting games and Abacus competitions helping overall development of the young learners.

  • Our training methods make learning fun-filled ensuring that each and every student enjoys the experience in small batches getting personal attention.

Proactive Abacus Competitions
  • Young kids effectively learn numerical calculations as well as mental Maths techniques through Abacus. Using the Abacus helps the children in maths by the visualization instead of simple routine learning. Proactive Abacus offers an exclusive course in line with the school calculating systems.Proactive offers interesting learning methods and different games for children to enhance their learning experience.

  • Beginning with local contest at learning centre, students get to compete with other students from their region, state and also other parts of the country. .

  • Competitions enhance the confidence among students.
  • Rewards and prizes motivate the young minds to achieve more .
  • Motivated students perform better in all areas and subjects of their regular studies
Proactive Abacus: The Highlights
  • 8 level Abacus program for children of 5 to 14 years of age.
  • Unique ‘Little Champz’ Series for young students of Jr. K.G. / Sr. K.G.
  • Personal attention to every learner in small batches.
  • Meticulously planned and executed day wise training for each level.
  • Confidence building approach and activities.
  • Fun-filled Zero stress learning environment.
  • 2 hours per week without disturbing any regular school studies.
  • Most economical fees and most effective quality study material.
  • Training as well as material in English, Marathi, Hindi & more languages.
  • Progress monitoring through meticulous Progress Card.
  • Monthly Tests, both oral as well as written.
  • Certificate after successful completion of each level.
Course Content
  • Proactive Abacus is a methodically designed 8 level training program for nurturing young minds through numerous techniques using Abacus device and mathematics.
  • Beginning with level 1 where the child holds the device in both hands to get acquainted with numbers, the learners progress with mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before moving on to handling multi digit numbers like 2 digit, 3 digit, 5 digit and more.
  • Besides, mental maths is done by the children without holding the device and using memory techniques. During level 5 and level 6 the child does complex calculations of up to 5 digit numbers using virtual abacus techniques without actually using the physical device comfortably.
  • Advanced levels of 7 and 8 teach advanced methods to solve squares, square root, integers, decimal numbers and many other complex calculations.
  • The overall program has been devised using expert advice and scientific techniques supplementing the brain development of young learners. At Proactive, we are committed to create mathe-magicians among the young generation for a brighter, skilled India to lead the world as a global leader.

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